Welcome to All Plants International Ltd.

We are excited for you to check out our product lines. Currently, we import products from the EU and the United States. On the website, you can access and purchase any of the company's import quality products. The products are seperated by brands.

To access the type of product* Click on the following brand logo   


Babaria Imported Cosmetic from Spain

Enhance your beauty and body care with our Babaria Cosmetic line. This brand of products includes cosmetic items such as;

Shower Gel


Body Lotion Cream

And More


Goodie's Imported Chocolate Products & Confectioneries

Fill your mouth with the tastiest treats from our Goodies And Yummies Store. The products in store include;


Jelly Candies


And Much More


Jaico Mosquito Repellent  & Aftersun Cool Foam
Protect yourself form mosquitos, bugs and sunburn with Imported Jaico Product Line. The items in this product line include;
Anti Mosuito Skin Protection
Aftersun Sunburn Coo Foam

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